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@Delta You bundled me $77.40. It's only fair you return it. It's called Karma -think about it #unbundlers

Only pay for what you want. Practice Frill Control®.

Don't want to pay for any "complimentary" items? Try the Bare Fare®.

Did you know that reclining seats add weight to the plane, which burns more gas? Try planes that are just Plane Simple®.

There's no such thing as a free snack, or a free anything for that matter. Try Frill Control®.

Not interested in filling out someone else's crossword? Try the Bare Fare®.

The best way to unbundle your airfare, try the Bare Fare®.

It's true. The young know how to last longer. Fly a Fit Fleet®.

1 in 4 passengers didn't bring a "complimentary" carry-on bag, but likely had to pony up at least $35.00 within their ticket price

Spirit estimates customers spent more than $5 billion on carry-on bags that they didn't use!

20% skipped the snack (peanuts, chips, etc.)

Airlines pocketed as much as $410 million due to unused snacks

21% said no to coffee, tea, or soda, but were bundled to the tune of $3.50

41% efficiently skipped the check-in line, but still paid to use an agent.

@United How dare you bundle me $106.15!After all I've given you. Give me my $ back ASAP please #unbundlers

@SouthwestAir You owe me $96.15 for cruel and unusual bundling. I want my money back. Help me #unbundlers

@JetBlue You owe me $67.51 for the last time I flew. What about all the other times? #unbundlers


Every Bundled Flier Deserves to Be Unbundled and Entitled to a Cash Reward.*

*We'll try our best. No promises.

About Us

Unbundle & Unbundle do one thing and one thing only: they fight for the fair airfare. Tired of large legacy airlines bundling "complimentary" items into airfares and making the price per ticket sky high, they decided to get their degrees online and expose this truth to millions of innocent Americans.

What is the truth? It's out there and right here: peanuts, in-flight mags, drinks, checked bags, carry-on bags, Wi-Fi, reclining seats and more are "perks" you pay for. Their cost just happens to be bundled into the overall price of your ticket. So if you passed on these "freebies" last time you flew, you were bundled and could be entitled to a cash reward.

Unbundle & Unbundle is dedicated to making sure those who've been bundled ask airlines for their money back. They are available for everyone they decide to be available to. They have all the bare minimum experience and resources you need to fight for your case right here, on this site.

Depicted is a very ugly and sophisticatedly-messy desk with lots of lawyer-esque objects, like four corded phones, fancy pens, a typewriter, and a gavel. These brothers mean business.


Doug Unbundle, a man with a horrid combover and comically awful moustache Douglass Unbundle, a man with a horrid perm-wave-slicked-back hairstyle and an equally awful moustache

Being twin brothers, Doug and Douglass Unbundle met at a very young age. They opened their first law office about six months ago in the badlands of the California desert.

Before becoming public defenders, they retained jobs as taxidermists, proofreaders, gym teachers, bottle rocket engineers, professional lemonade makers and clowns. With such diverse experience they really are the everyman's airfare lawyers.